Very disappointed with benq tk700sti, or am I doing something wrong?


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Hey there folks! I'm a newbie projector enthusiast and I recently purchased benq tk700sti for movies and games (about 50/50 split).

To my surprise it was very underwhelming. I have three issues. Set-up, blacks, gaming.

First, the projector is short-throw but not ultra short throw so it seems the ideal position for it is right where you sit. And with no lens correction you really need to mount it right above your head for ideal viewing angle. Not to mention putting it right next to you means all the heat and noise goes straight to you.

Secondly I only watch stuff at night in complete darkness, but blacks were still very grey-sh. Dark scenes were impossible to watch. I'm projecting it on a white wall though, would a screen help with blacks? Have no issue with brightness.

And thirdly, maybe I'm just not used to projectors, but even with gaming mode in 60fps, stuff in motion felt blurry and hard to focus on. Maybe I just need to adjust to it? Also gaming mode made everything washed out. Is it just me or what's going on here?

Can someone comment on this? Should I return it and get something else? Or get a screen? Or try something else? Thanks!
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A grey screen would improve the black levels. Lots of videos on youtube showing the effect of different types of screens. Contrast/black levels are also greatly impacted by light being reflected from the screen onto light coloured walls/ceiling and then back onto the screen.



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Do you have a recommendation for a grey screen under $400, that can be mounted on a tripod or a stand? I can't seem to find anything. I found this one Amazon product but I need one on a stand as I can't mount anything in a rented apartment.

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