Very confused about DTS


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Hi All

I'm very confused about DTS

It seems unless you have a blue-ray player going direct to a soundbar > 5.1 system it is near impossible to get ?

I have slowly collected some Denon HEOS soundbar/woofer and speakers for a 5.1 setup

I have an old LG 47LB630V TV that according to the manual has DTS support

Before moving house I gave it a quick test but nothing seemed to come out the rear speakers but then I find out Youtube only supports two channel audio ?

I was planning on buying a new 2021 Samsung QN95A for the new house but I see in the on-line manual it does not support DTS ?

The internet seems patchy on if other services like Netflix/Prime/Disney/iPlayer/ITV etc support DTS

So my question is if I connect my soundbar to my TV is the only way to get anything on the rear speakers is either via a blueray player or if the streaming service DOES support DTS then will it get passed through the Samsung TV to the soundbar and I will be able to finally properly hear something in the rear speakers ?


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I don't believe any of the last few years of Samsung TVs support DTS, even pass through. So I guess the internal apps won't even show that a program has a DTS soundtrack.

The only way is to use an external source to feed the soundbar directly and then have the soundbar pass on the video to the TV.
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