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Hello. It's my first post, and I have a Q. I've had a quick search around, and I couldn't find any info on this, so I thought I'd ask. I know VA panels are bad for wide viewing angles, but does that include vertically? (Apologies if this is a stupid question. It probably won't be my last one..)

I'm thinking of replacing a TV in a bedroom, and it's an IPS panel, as it looks the same from all angles. It will be on a high-ish shelf, and that's fine when used during the day, but when it's going to be watched from the bed, there will be a bit of an angle to it. Other than raising the bed a foot or two, will that rule out buying a VA panel TV? I remember having to tilt an old LCD to the point where it was nearly falling over. Would rather avoid that again, and I would rather get a VA considering the quality difference.


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