Vertical standing amps?



The reason I ask is that beneath my TV I have a VCR, a DVD and NTL cable box - there is no more room to fit a standard horizontal home cinema amp - and I am desperate to connect my DVD to a 5 speaker system!

My only alternative would be if I could find an amp that stands on its edge and probably looks a bit like a PS2.

Does anyone know if such a beast exists?



although unusual, i suspect most standard machines could be used this way........ though i may well be wrong



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considering the weight of some of the transformers and bits and pieces inside amps I wouldn't fancy trying it! It looks like you need a new TV stand... exactly the some position I'm in.

EDIT: sorry that should make more sense now


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How about a seperate dedicated hifi stand for all your kit, either with the telly on it too or placed to one side holding DVD, sat, amp etc only? Should give better sound (thru. improved stability) than the stand that came with the telly too.


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What about those Marantz monoblocks? Couldn't you stack 5/6 of them?

Edit - wait, that'd create a tower at least 75cm tall and you'd have to consider processing. Plus, they are £250 each. Nevermind. :D



I had already considered a separate stand (not sure where it would go in the room though :confused:), or at the very least a separate place to put the amp (not a great solution for me either :( ).

I thought I would ask the question about vertically standing 5.1 amps on the off-chance that at least one existed :D



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You could always stand the Sat box on it's side and perhaps even the VCR?:confused: This would free up space for the amp. Hmmm, don't know if a full size amp like a Yamaha, Denon or similar would fit on the shelves of a telly stand, they're pretty beefy. Best to check their external measurements first:)


How bout one of those small pioneer amps, the new one comes with PLII.


Why not buy a new TV cabinet from somewhere like IKEA?

They cost about £40 and if i remember correctly they have cabinets with space for upto 5 (maybe even 6) pieces of AV equipment.


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Remember that amps generate a lot of heat, putting it on its side will prevent the passive cooling through the vents being as efficient. This could result in your amp overheating or having a shortened life.



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panasonic do one of those surround kits amp speaker and a sub and the amp is ment to stand on its side,get a copy off this months what hifi its in the extra currys mag that comes with it .Its a panasonic scdm3 dont know how good or bad it is .


I'd get a bigger TV stand.

Mine currently houses the following:

Playstation, DVD, Amp, Video1, Sat Decoder, Video2, TiVo. Not forgetting the 32" TV.

It also used to squeeze in a CD player and MD recorder untill I got a bigger DVD player (Pioneer 747 instead of a Samsung 709).

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