vertical "shadows" Panasonic 42pt10" rptv

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    Hello (Especially Laurel , still there?)
    Well as the title says, on vertical edges I get "ghosting", I'm pretty sure this isn't a connection problem as they appear on off air , as well as VCR and DVD sources. It's really bugging me, and since I bought the set from Techtronics (I know, I know) I won't pay the £100 they want to return it to base to look at it (btw the set is STILL under guarentee).
    Also I get a bend in the top and bottom edges on scope pictures , but a search here has revealed a fix in the service menu. I'm not going to touch the service menu however, until I hear back from Panasonic regarding a local engineer. I actually checked with Techtronics before I bought the set and they said if anything went wrong an engineer would call first.

    Sorry this has evolved from a general query into an anti -techtronics rant.

    Bill Hopkinson

    (Oh and NTSC pictures seem skewed to one side {can't remember which} most noticeable on the THX blue rectangle.)

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