Vertical Objects on Screen



Is it common for vertical objects such as door frames, lamp posts etc, to be displayed with a curve towards the top of the screen?

The TV is a Philips 6515, would like to know if this is a fault or not

I have read about other problems with this set, but havent heard of this one.

Thanks in advance


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No it shouldn't do that at all. Sounds like bad geometry to me. Try and get a DVD setup disk. They have all sorts of diagnostics that will help you determine if you TV has any defects.


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With CRTs I'd say that, in general, it IS normal. I wouldn't say that it is RIGHT, however. CRTs rarely have perfect geometry, and, in many cases, geometry changes with brightness. You may find, for example, that you can get your verticals straight for, say, a dark image, but they bend again when the image is bright.

The only sure way to avoid this is to go for a flat panel (LCD or Plasma).

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