Vertical mounted GPU holder for case with basement fans?


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I've got intake fans in the basement my PC case sucking air in fro under the case and blowing it upwards on to my horizontally mounted GPU through a grill in the basement.

I'm looking to get one of the new 3000 series graphics cards, I really like the look of the founders edition cards and I want to vertically mount one (I've got a wide case so there will be pleanty of space between the fans and the glass), but most ofth e vertical mounts that I've seen have solid bases and would block the air flow from my basement fans.

Does anybody make a vertical mount with a mesh base, or a base that's good for airflow form underneath?

Price range - £50-£70.


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Wouldn't have though so due to the weight the slot has to support, don't want the card shifting at all if you can help it.


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I got this one - seems very stable! Works fine with my bottom mounted fans. Temps never above 60degrees in the case and all the fans spin at 900.

Amazon product


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