Vertical 'lines' viewing DVD on 32pd5200

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by essex, May 13, 2004.

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    Sorry to ask this question again on a seperate thread, but:

    I've got the Hitachi 32pd5200. When I put on the EE edition of fellowship of the rings, I seem to be getting vertical 'lines' when watching some of the scenes, especially when the screen is showing light colours? I can't really explain, but looking closely at the screen I can definately see the differences and as I said they look like vertical lines on the screen if looked at closely.

    any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I've got fairly decent component connections (£50 from Richers) and am using a cambridge audio dvd player 553 (not prog scan though).

    I've checked the settings on the dvd player to make sure it knows I'm using the component leads. Is there anything I can do on the TV side?

    PS I didn't seem to have this problem with my old 32pd3000 (which I got replaced cos of the buzzing problem....)

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