Vertical Lines seem to be wavy / not straight on Panasonic 53" TV

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    I just purchased a Panasonic PT-53WX54 about 2 days ago. Today I noticed something and now I can't help but see it everytime I watch the damn TV :(.

    When watching a program that is 4:3 (not widescreen) where there are the black side bars, the side bars are not perfectly straight. The edge of the black bar where it meets the picture isn't a straight line, but is somewhat wavy in places. In some parts it is straight, but near the middle to bottom of the TV in some places it is wavy and looks like it is shifted left or right a few pixels.

    I also noticed it when playing Xbox. When I paused a game, the pause menu is outlined in a white box. When looking at the white vertical lines (side of the pause menu box) they too are not perfectly straight.

    Is there any way to adjust this? Do I need to have a tech guy come out here and do it?

    Another thing I noticed is that the TV cuts the edges off of the picture. I am not sure if this is normal, but it appears as though the picture is zoomed in 105 or maybe 110% and then the edges get cropped off. I only noticed this when playing Halo 2 (and some other Xbox games) when you complete a check point for example, the first letter of the text that comes on to the screen gets cut off on the left side. In other games, sometimes games with a health meter or something like that, part of the meter gets cut off if it is too close to the corner of the TV. Is this normal?

    I only have experience with DLP TV's, I've never owned a large CRT before. I have a Samsung 52" DLP TV in the living room and never experienced any problems like this. I'm asuming because it costs twice as much and uses much different technology :D lol.

    Any help is much appreciated! :thumbsup:

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