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Im wondering if anyone can help with my setup.

Ive got a davs550 and a KV32FQ75 and there is a wave that moves from left to right across the screen. I havent particularly noticed this when using the TV but when the screen is dark and im using the DVD it is pretty noticable. Is there something wrong with how ive got things set up or is there a problem with the actual hardware?

Thanks for any help


FQ75! sounds like you have the famous sony scrolling bar syndrome. I think sony now have a fix for this. There was a thread here a while ago with hundreds of comments on this subject. Do a search. I got rid of my FQ75 as the bars were doing my head in. My FQ also had bad focus on the left of the screen. Very obvious with teletext



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thanks mate, ill have a look now. hope i dont end up having to send this TV back, you wouldnt believe how difficult it was to get it into my attic room!!


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Is it possible to fix this by swapping the scart sockets about a bit, as it appears to have stopped when ive had a play about with the scart arrangements.

I had:
AV2: PS2
AV4: empty

Ive took the TV and also the PS2 out and just tried the DVD player and there is no bars at all, Ive tried a few different DVDs, ones I noticed the problem on and cant see it. Im going to get a 2nd opinion as im not sure if its my eyes playing tricks! what do you think?

If thats done anyway, just need to get the subtitle bug sorted on my DAVS550 :(

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