Vertical band after 2000 hour pixel refresh on c1


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Hi all

6 month old tv that was perfect before the 2000 hour pixel refresh that ran two days ago

I now have vertical bands that are visible in panning content or grey images. It's not bad compared to others I've seen, but... it's still there

So- should I,

A. wait it out? Does the pixel refresh "settle" after some weeks of usage?

B. Run another pixel refresh?

C. Get LG/Best Buy to swap the set? I've heard about the swap lottery and know that mine is not bad compared to what I'm potentially getting if. I replace it

Its not awful but unfortunately I know it's there so I can't unsee it now/I did not have this issue before the 2000 hour pixel refresh

Thanks for any advice


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If you can't see it in real world content I wouldn't worry about it. I stopped checking my TVs (had OLEDs since 2015) with colour and greyscale charts a few years ago I haven't looked back. I'm reasonably certain that you can find issues on most TV's if you go looking for them.


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My old B6 did this after the first refresh and it never went away, tried everything and it spoilt the TV for me. I wish I'd done something about at the time but hung on to it until screen burn killed it a few years later


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Never mind the banding, that uniformity looks awful (or is it the angle of the camera)?

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