Venting my frustration. Vented & not integrated


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I recently had a new kitchen installed with the new white goods to suit. My old washing machine and tumble dryer were freestanding, and the tumble dryer was vented as it backs up to an external wall
The new units are integrated but the tumble dryer is a condenser type which I was pointed to as they are supposedly more efficient than vented. No damn way. They take 3 times as long to dry so must use a hell of a lot more electricity. Anyway I have a life to lead and I can't do a day's washing and get them all washed, dried and ironed in the same day.
I want to go back to vented as it's much quicker but of course what I need now is an integrated machine. No-one makes them any more. Quite why is beyond me.
So my query and the reason for posting here is can I use a standard non integrated tumble dryer but then do some alteration to the carcase to allow the integrated door to be fitted? It seems to me that the difference is only a couple of holes top and bottom of one side for attaching the door bits, ie the screw on plastic mounts.
Perhaps an aluminium bar behind the facia that the screws go into would do the trick to give sufficient strength. Any ideas fellas, and lasses of course.


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Short answer is yes. I've seen plenty like this, they're a pita to work on as you often have to dismantle half the cupboard to get the damn things out before you even start working on them.
Other than that there's no reason not to do as you've suggested.


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Getting it from under the cupboard/worktop isn't a problem. I haven't bought a vented to work on yet. The condenser dryer pulls out real easy as well.
Any recommendations on which vented dryer to go with? I guess it'll need sufficient space either side of the loading door to place the fittings for the integrated door and ease of access to the interior to mount/attach an aluminium bar behind the hinge fittings.


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Obviously the higher quality you go for the better, but it depends on your budget.
The other thing is that I've read somewhere that vented dryers are being phased out as well. God knows why, that 'more efficient' spiel makes zero sense to me.
So your options will be getting shorter as we speak, but Bosch are always a good bet (if you can get one).

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The reason that no-one makes them is that the market is quite small, with the Uk being the largest of them. You have far more choice with a freestanding model than a built-in. As to Condensor dryer being worse than vented, you need to check on this. Some machines have a humidity sensor that make them very economic to run but they do take a bit of time. Hope this helps.


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Yes they significantly less power but generally take longer to run but the net overall consumption is lower. It’s like most efficiency things these days uses less power overall but takes a week to dry out wash your clothes… ;)


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These tend to be the heat pump machines, (inside out fridge if you like).
They are extremely efficient, but are also very expensive to buy compared to vented machines.
And yes, they take ages to get things dry but the more you use them the cheaper it gets overall.
I personally wouldn't have one, as like their refrigeration counterparts they don't tend to last any longer than normal machines and so their overall cost effectiveness is diminished imo.

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