Venice or Manchester


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Not asking holiday venues but just been on Ebuyer looking at AMD 939 chips and there are single core Venice and Manchester chips. I've heard of Venice but I thought Manchester was the dual core. Is there a new Manchester single core or is it a mistake on there site ?




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must be a mistake, manchester is the dual core A64 :smashin:


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Wouldn't be the first time they got things wrong - after spec'ing a new PC build recently, I was all set on the 3800 X2, but when going to order the parts, they were strangely doing the 4200 X2 for around £30 less...??!!

You can guess which one I went for! It's without doubt the most expensive PC component I've ever bought, but it's fantastic; encoding a DVD and editing photo's at the same time! Marvelous.....


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