Velodyne vx10 vs Kef PSW2000


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I have just brought a Velodyne vx10 from the classified ads and I currently own a celestion S10 sub which is basically a rebranded kef psw2000.

The Celestion has a 8" driver but is an extra 100W where as the Velodyne has a 10".

I know they're entry level subs.

Just want to know which one of these will perform better.....




If the Celestion is based on the original PSW2000 which came with the original KEF eggs, then you will notice an improvement with the VX10. I upgraded from the KEF to the velodyne.


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thanks for the reply.

Yeah the Celestion is almost identical I think it's 50w lower then the PSW2000 (200W). But apart from that it's identical same factory components etc etc.

Was this difference noticed in Music & Movies. Basically hoping to get some tighter controlled base from the vx10 compared to my celestion.


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Velodyne is definitely better!! More musical yet in the same breath thunderous too :D. Takes a while to get to full punch, although second hand I guess you'll be fine straight away

Mind you, you'll find out for yourself soon enough anyway :laugh: Let us know what you think...


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i upgraded my kef2005.1 sub to the velodyne cht-10 and it was a massive improvment...I'd take a velodyne any day.



As Liam said it is more musical. I always thought the KEF was a bit flappy (best word I can think of to describe it :) ) The VX10 is much tighter so you are bound to notice an improvement!

When it comes to movies it does the business. The house I live in is about 2 years old now, and I noticed a dramatic increase in settlement cracks after I started using the VX10 :eek: :D .



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Thanks for the replies guys

and for the reassurance...

Just gotta convince the wife that it looks ok.

I've just noticed that it's 7" deeper then the PSW2000. :eek:

Pictures are probably deceptive cos it looks higher then it is deeper.

Does anybody have the exact dimensions to hand?


Ian J

Originally posted by depsi
Does anybody have the exact dimensions to hand?

Full details including dimensions are available from the webite of AV-Sales who are not only forum sponsors but authorised Velodyne dealers.

Details of the discontinued VX-10 are here


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thanks for all the advice guys,

Meant to be working from home but ended up spending 2hrs comparing between by Celestion s10(kef psw 2000 rebrand) at first couldn't tell that much of a difference but after playing around with various movies\music I could tell that the Vel was superior. Had more controlled bass and went a lot louder without distortion.

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