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Jan 19, 2003
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West Midlands - Stourbridge
Hello guys.

I got myself a Velo SPL 1200 about 2 weeks ago. I have been using the sub non-stop since then, and thought I would share my finding with you. Here is the system it is used in.

Rotel RSP 1066
Rotel RMB 1075
Monitor Audio S1 fronts.
Monitor Audio Silver centre
Monitor Audio B2 rears

The sub was purchased to replace my REL Quake.

Before getting the Velo, I had stereo music playback without a sub. I was fairly happy with the S1's bass performance, but knew that I was missing most of the music below 50Hz. Once I connected the Velo, I set the crossover on the RSP 1066 to 80Hz, and started playing some music. I then fiddled with the gain control on the Velo until I was happy with the balance. The first thing that hit me was how deep this thing went. The second thing that hit me was how everything in my cinema rattles. The third thing that hit me Steph's (my other half) guitar falling over and hitting my foot. The fourth thing that hit me was Steph's hand for damaging her guitar.

My listening was then restricted to low volume levels, until I sourced a Auralex Gramma. I can't believe the difference that this thing has made. About 90% of room rattles have stopped, and the tone of the bass produced by the Velo is somehow nicer? Anyway, enough about the Gramma.

Not having a SPL, I have not been able to set the sub up 100% but as it stands now, my system sounds very nice. The S1's sound louder than they did before at a given volume, I put this down to them being easier to drive when not producing <80Hz frequencies. I now get a real nice thump from kick drums in rock music, the bass lines in the 2Pac Greatest hits album are solid....everything just sounds right.

I haven't watched any big soundtrack movies yet, but what I have watched (heard) sounded great. I will add more about movies once I have watched more.....

I would recommend this sub to anyone, especialy if you can find it at the right price.



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