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Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by dalethecaptain, Feb 2, 2009.

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    Got a query for any using or had the experience of using a Velodyne DD12 (or any DD series for that matter) for music and movies. How do you have it interconnected to your system, and have you tried using it with line level input as well as/instead of LFE? Was it any good?

    Reason I ask is because I had one for a demonstration just, (it was not in my own system either) and I set it up on the quick just using the XLR LFE input, and set up the AV processor to use like this. Its pretty damn impressive and I really like the range of parameter adjustments, it only took about an hour to get it sounding perfect.

    When the installer came to pick it up he reckoned they sound better if you configure it by putting the line level connection in, setting the processor to no sub and letting the internal cross over in the Velodyne do the work, and then passing signal back to your amp with sub 80hz frequency filtered out.
    I only tried it with movies as I do not have any good music source material with me, and as this sub is supposedly 'musical' I am interested in getting one at home.

    I understand from other posts that these units can't do high and low connections simultaneous, but the manual is pretty cryptic as it says on page 9 'provide a signal through on or more of the following connection's ' so I am interested to hear users experience of this. I also would like to hear comments and opinions from anyone having experience of this sub with stereo music just using an AV receivers LFE connection, good or bad.

    Thanks in advance

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