Velodyne CHT10?



I've been contemplating adding a sub to my sytem for some time now and have been considering:

REL Quake (I know it doesn't get much praise on here)
MJ Acoustics Pro50
2nd Hand REL Q100e or REL Strata II

My budget is £300 - £350

Having read all the posts about the Velodyne CHT10 - am I right in thinking that this would be a better choice than all of the above for the money?

My room size is 15 x 16 x 9ft (2160 cubic ft) - Is the CHT 10 capable in this size of room or do I need something bigger (don't want to spend much more!) By the way I also have suspended wood floors - am I better going for a downward firing sub with slab below than a forward firing unit like the velo?

Sorry there's a lot of questions here, but I want to make the right choice!

Thanks in advance

Ian J

I would discount the MJ Pro and the miss-named Quake. The remaining three options that you quoted are all good subs. Q100's and good Stratas are difficult to find but with the Velo you will be buying somthing new with a warranty.

The choice is yours and it partly depends on how long you wish to wait but none of the three will let you down.


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If it helps, I am glad that I chose the CHT-10 over anything else that I toyed around with buying..awesome for the money..no doubt about it..in fact I think it is worth more than the £325 I paid for it..definately sounds better than some other subs I've heard in the same price bracket and above..

uncle eric

Depends what you mean by capable.
If its reference capability your looking for at clean levels, to push 2160 cu ft of air, you will need a very hefty subwoofer.

I would suggest that a forward firer is more suitable with a suspended wooden floor. If pushed too hard (and it will be to fill this amount of cubic area) even if you use a slab under a downward firer the whole floor will in effect become a baffle which will resonate like a soundboard. A forward firer will lessen this effect hugely. Heavy carpets and underlay also help to reduce this effect. Of course, It also depends how much space there is between the suspended floor and the ground underneath. Basically, the less the better.

How about a small sub and just turn it up loud enough?
In an effort to fill large rooms with decent lows whilst using small subs, some folks just push up the volume. This is not the way. If you push a small sub (or any sub for that matter) too far, for one thing, distortion levels will increase hugely.

Hardware should not be pushed to its limits. In particular, subs and amplifiers should have plenty of headroom for those massive peaks mastered in todays software.

In short, you need to either revise your budget, move into a smaller room or live with less bass output.



thanks for the advice - to extend my budget is not really an option as my wife thinks over £300 is already a lot for a single speaker! (Plus I'm in the middle of building a house!) -I assume i would have to breach the £500 barrier to achieve a noticable jump? To move into a smaller room is also not an option so I guess the "live with less bass" is the only option.

Question is - will I still get a sizable boost in bass even with a CHT10? I basically want high quality bass which will be noticably more aparent than that from my current setup (Mission M73's with no sub). (I dont listen to movies at earth shattering volumes - usually at around -28db on my Yamaha 630 amp) - Seating distance will be approx 11ft from the speakers


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i can't comment on how much bass the cht-10 will add to your speakers as I only have experience of mine with Kef eggs - which make next to no bass of thier own.
My room with eggs and cht-10 is about 15 x 12 x 8'6" .Smaller than yours but one end is open to a near similar sized area. The cht-10 is set not much above zero on its volume knob ie its ticking over. It makes plenty of bass for me!
I tried some test tones which sounded like nasty flappy rumbling noises on my previous Kef sub. They sound like bass tones now. I could not push the volume up as the gas fire 10 foot away started shaking so badly i thought the glass would break in it!
I like the cht-10:D

Ian J

Turning the gain control up is a mistake that many people make. My Storm is turned to about 2 out of ten which I think is just right

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