Velodyne cht-10 and ax3,setup question?


Just received me 'new' Cht-10 in silver(lovely) and need some setup tips?

My amp has one sub out wich I currently have my bose bass bin connected to..ahem:blush:
Do i need a splitter to connect the Velly up to the amp,if so where do i get one?Also what type of settings should i have the sub set to when i run the pioneer macc thing?I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to subs:blush:

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If you really find the urge to connect your Bose 'mid' bin up as well as your Velly you can get a Y-splitter from HERE

Keep the sub volume quite low to start and increse it as and when you need the extra headroom while you are calibrating.


Agree that the Bose bin is redundent, so no need to have it connected.
I have my CHT-10 connected from my receiver via a single RCA lead into a splitter to go into both inputs on the sub, but this is optional. Crossover is set to bypass and so controlled from the receiver. Volume is set to around 1/3 and mixed in with the other speakers via the receiver. Power is set to auto so it switches off when not in use automatically - the RCA splitter comes in handy here to help wake the sub quicker. Phase should be set to give the best sound in your room.
I think that covers all the controls.


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