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Velo HGS-15 or HGS-18 with B&W N805's?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by greggz, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. greggz


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    My current setup is B&W N805/HTM2/SCM1 speakers with a REL Strata III. While I enjoy the Strata for music, it really has no slam for HT. Hoping to retain musicality (word?) but gain slam, I'm thinking of replacing the Strata with a Velodyne.

    Will the HGS-18 blend well with my bookshelf-size speakers or overwhelm them? Would I be better off with the HGS-15 instead? My room is approx 12.5 ft (W) x 30' ft (L) x 8' (H) or 3.75m x 9.15m x 2.45m. That works out to just shy of 3,000 cubic feet or 85 cubic meters.

    I figured if anyone would know it would be the folks on this forum. :smashin:
  2. Spligsey

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    Jan 16, 2003
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    I dont think either HGS-15/HGS-18 will be overkill at all.
    I have used HGS-18 with M&K satellites and the integration was great. You can fine tune the sub with the speakers anyway to your preferred setting. I didn't find the integration of the HGS with the M&K sats any problem at all.
    My room is about 24ft x 12ft x 10ft (L W H), so smaller than yours.

    Although, i couldn't position it exactly where i wanted, i managed to tinker with the settings to compensate.

    Naturally, the HGS is capable of block destroying bass.

    I've since sold mine as i've "retired" (for a bit:D) from the expensive end of AV to lighten the surgery on my wallet.

    The HGS-18 is probably capable of that little bit more than it's smaller brother (HGS-15).

    Whilst i had it, it was simply top draw, and even now, i still wonder if i did the right thing in selling:rolleyes:

    I played music from Rock/House/Soul/Techno/Drum & Bass. Each genre was handled superbly by the HGS-18

    Having a Meridian 568.2 also enabled me to use its great bass management too.
    (separate stereo, Pro Logic & 5.1 crossover settings)


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