Veiwing a panny and a CRT at the same time??



Could someone recommend a good graphic's card to buy in the UK to view 2 monitors at the same time so i can view my panny and CRT monitor at the same time.
I nearly bought the radeom 8500DV but at the last minute I discovered it can only support either 1 CRT monitor and TV out together or 1 DVI and TV out together and not CRT and DVI together so it would be something at that price range or cheeper.



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try an MSI geforce 4 ti 4200 128mg. got one from scsan the other week for £130, it has 2 vga outs, and an s-video in/out, ive tryed it running vga and svid at the same time and it works fine, yet to try vga and vga, but im shure it wont be a problem. there were reports that the nvidia cards wern't as good as the radeon's for dvd but from what i've heard that was with geforce3 and older, they have made a real effort on this with the geforce4 and now it is supposed to be as good.
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