Vegas, Premier Pro or Liquid 6?

Alan A

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Those of you who have used these programmes, which is the best overall?
I am looking to change from my TRV900E to a HD camera (Son HDR-HC1E) and need a programme which will work with HD footage.
Should I go for Sony Vegas+DVD, Adobe Premier Pro 1.5 or Pinnacle Liquid 6?

TIA :lease:

Roy Mallard

Usually I am Mr. Premiere, but I haven't had great HDV experience with it.
Can't compare it to anything other than Final Cut, which is obviously a different platform altoghether.

(everybody) "which is obviously a different platform"


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When you start talking about investing in software at the price of these, most people will probably back the programme they use.

If I was you I would make a list of features that are important for you & see which has definitely got them.

Download the trial versions & have a play with them to see which has the interface & workflow to suit you best & make sure that it doesn't keep crashing on you.

Look on the user forums of each & see what problems come up again & again for them.

Then make your choice.

All of the above will have their own ardent supporters & all will probably do what you want & more.

Good luck hunting.

(a happy Vegas user :) )


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Have to agree totally with vonhosen - one man's meat is another man's poison!

As trial versions are freely available, there's no reason why you shouldn't download them all and see which you feel most at home with, and also which your PC is happiest with!

When you're spending the sort of money that we're talking about for these programs, you need to be totally happy with your purchase.

For what it's worth, I did look at all these programs before finally deciding that, for my needs, Sony Vegas was the best choice. That must be over a year ago now, and I've not had any experiences with Vegas to make me change my mind.

All the best.



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I use Pinnacle Liquid 6 and compared to Pinnacle Studio it is rock solid, no crashes.

However it's quite difficult to use unless you have used other non linear editing software at this more advanced level. As you have used Adobe you should have no problems and be used to the type of functionality and terminolgy.

I've not used Sony Vegas but it does seem to be highly thought off and will have good support for their high def camcorders. This might be the best option!

As for High def compatibility, its pretty good in liquid six and has support for the Sony FX1 and HC1E camcorders.


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You will probably find everybody saying how much better their preffered solution is and they will for them, probably be quite right
HDV editing outside broadcast houses is in its infancy somewhat and your research will more than likely be rather enlightening
Like you, I am also considering buying your proposed model of camera HC1E or the FX1 and though I already have LE6.1 and saw HD editing demonstrated by in LE by DVC , Pinnacle , Canopus with the Edius plug-in and Adobe with Premiere Pro 1.5 plug-in at the video show (FORUM at Earls Court) earlier this year, I have to say that the advice by Vonhosen and reiterated by Melliot1963 is spot on !
Note that the hardware specifications for HD are always higher than for SD for optimal editing.
In my travels on the internet I saw This:
There is an article : Battle of the software NLEs's Part 2 :HD editing . I found it interesting see what you think :smashin:
PS:i recently downloaded Sony Vegas trial on my system and I must say Im warming to it but not having an HD dvd camcorder Im unable to test its HD editing capabilities , there are samples of hd footage on the Le 6.1 demo dvd which i might try out later.

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