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    Maybe a specific request for a product almost brand new on the market was not the way to go here ;) - I shall expand...

    Has anyone purchased, or used, an overhead monitor in a car (or van, MPV etc)? I'm thinking of getting one installed in a Zafira, and can get a good discount for the VDO overhead rook monitor/como DVD player - DOM6500.

    However, after some intense online searching, there seem to be an enormous pile of these available, ranging from a stonking 15" 4:3 configuration, down to a poxy 6" 16:9 config. The VDO is 8". I popped into a few dealers today and saw a range of 8" and 9" 16:9, and some looked pretty shocking PQ wise - of course it doesn't help that they are being demo'd in daisy chain fashion, with up to 15 on a curcuit, and I'm sure the source material was not such clever quality either. Some were OK straight ahead, but I think having 3 kids in the back all trying to put their heads in the middle is a recipe for in-car road-rage, and not much else :D . Price is also all over the shop, as is resolution, with lowest at about 400x234 (same as VDO model) and highest at 1440 x 234 (strange that resolution is enhanced in only one plane).

    So, I guess my question, regardless of other features (such as built in player, wireless headphones etc) does anyone have some direct experience, preferably with make and screen size as reference points, to help me narrow things down.

    All input gratefully recieved.
    Thanks in advance

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