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Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by Robert Greenham, Oct 6, 2001.

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    Can anyone please advise me of any currently available VCRs (preferably SVHS/SVHS-ET, or DVHS, but also plain old VHS) which also feature audio-only recording facilities?

    The machine I'm looking for must have audio-IN sockets on the rear panel, and also a stereo microphone socket, and the option to manually control the recording volume level

    Is this asking too much? So far, I have not managed to find a satisfactory VCR.

    Very reluctantly, I now have to replace my 14-year-old (don't laugh!) JVC HRD530EK VHS recorder which was the first Hifi stereo NICAM VCR in the UK (also copied inside a Ferguson brand case) and which incorporated the additional features mentioned.

    As well as being an excellent video recorder (well, in it's day anyway) the 530EK enabled me to make high quality audio tapes of lengthy radio programmes, with the timer facility if necessary, and also record concerts, meetings, etc, up to 8 hours continuous recording (using LP and an E240 tape). The modern (digital) audio equipment doesn't cater adequately for my needs.

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