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Can anyone tell me if you can hook up a VCR (scart or componant out) to a LCD monitor that has DVI and D-sub input?

if so what would i need?


Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
You certainly can't do this directly.

DVI is digital in a format totally different from the output of any VCR that I have come across.

VGA (which will be your DSUB input is in fact RGB with separate H& V syncs normally (RGBHV).
VCRs normally output straight composite video (Cvbs). You need a monitor that also has a phono socket-based video input (if they exist).
You are more likely to find this on an LCD TV, some of which also take VGA inputs so that they can be used with PCs.
Alternatively, there are adaptors available at a price ; these aren't passive . They contain active components to perform the necessary colourspace conversion and scaling and would normally also contain a video analogue to digital and dig. to analogue converter (known as decoders and encoders) with the processing being done in the digital domain .

Unless anyone else knows differently .....

Chris Muriel, Manchester.

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