VCR-TiVo-s-video-projector : Will it work?

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by richard plumb, Sep 17, 2002.

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    I'm going to connect all my interlaced sources (including DVD player for now) via S-Video on my receiver and out to a ProV and then on to my AE100.

    But my VCR is connected to my TiVo, and on the rare occasion I watch a video, it comes down the TiVo SCART into the TV.

    But I don't know what is happening to the VCR's signal, and whether this will ever actually end up at the projector?

    For example, the TiVo outputs RGB via SCART. When you press play on a video, TiVo detects this and sends the video image down the SCART instead. But will this be converted by TiVo into RGB, or is it likely to be a fully wired SCART and TiVo is just passing the composite video. This is my guess.

    If its just passing composite, what will happen when the TiVo is fed into an RGB->S-video converter? Will anything come down the S-video cable when I play a video?

    I'm hoping something will happen, as this S-video cable will have to be split off to my TV for normal viewing. How do people here double up their sources to both TV and projector?
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    I believe its a straight pass through. If you give it RGB it'll pass thru RGB. If you give it normal composite - ditto

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