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VCR Region hacking

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by D.E., May 22, 2005.

  1. D.E.


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    Hello, folks --

    I recently purchased a Daewoo DV6T811N combo VCR-DVD player. Thus far, I'm very impressed with it. I found, on the Internet, instructions for hacking the DVD side so it's region-free. But the VCR side refuses to play anything but Region 1 and All Region. (I'm in the United States.)

    So my question is -- does anyone know how to hack the -VHS- side of this Daewoo, or, alternatively, what I should do? I have a Region 2 videotape I'm dying to watch, and would be incredibly grateful for advice.

    Best wishes to all,

  2. Stuart Wright

    Stuart Wright
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    Jan 24, 2000
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    Birmingham, UK
    It won't be down to the region code of the tape since video tape isn't region coded. It likely won't play because the tape is encoded in PAL. It depends where you got the tape.
    Chances are that your player does not output PAL but outputs region 2 discs in NTSC.
    You'll probably need the picture converting to NTSC because your TV is unlikely to be able to display PAL.
    I would guess that any conversion from PAL to NTSC on a region 2 DVD is likely to be done in the video processing chip for the DVD player.
    The output from the video tape side of your player is likely to be output using different electronics and is unlikely to be converted to NTSC.
    In other words I doubt whether you will be able to watch PAL VHS tapes.

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