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VCR Reel Trouble...

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by Natty Light, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Natty Light

    Natty Light

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    First off, I think they are called reels, but my problem is with the two things that advance the video tape.

    When I place a tape in and push play, everything works fine. Then, suddenly, the right reel stops, the video tape extends out of the cassette, into the body of the VCR and after roughly two seconds, the VCR stops playback, sucks the tape back inside the cassette and is seemenly ready to play again. If I push play right after this happens, the tape will play, again, for a few moments and repeat the process all over again. This first happened about six months ago, so I cut my losses, put the unit inside my closet and forgot all about it until today.

    Today I drug it back out, tried it again with a SP tape and it worked for a good hour, until I used it to rewind, which sent it right back in VCR hell.

    But today I noticed alot more about it. It works better on SP tapes, never has a problem fast forwarding, stops about every 30 seconds on an SP tape and totally derails when rewinding. I also thought it was the right reel only, but when rewinding I noticed the left reel also hangs. The first thing I tried was a bit of baby oil on and all around the reels, but that didn't help anything.

    Chances are it's a part problem, so does anyone know what part that might be? I've heard 60% of VCR problems can be easily repaired by anyone who reads up on the subject.


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