VCR proximity to TV?


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Have had slight colour purity issues on my telly which I noticed after owning the telly for some time. A pinky brown patch to the top left mostly on greyscale tones and so is spoted more easily with black and white images. This is why it took a while to spot.

Wondering if it's to do with the vcr as in every other respect the picture quality is excelent: I presume that video recoders have magnets in the tape heads? If so, how well are they shielded and how far should the vcr be from the telly in order for the magnetic field of the vcr not interfear with the TV pic?

I've currently got a 10cm gap but I could increase that if I swap my vcr round with my dvd player.

Any thoughts welcome.



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The amount of magnetism in a VCR is tiny and I've never known one cause purity problems with a TV. It is likely that this is caused either by:

1. The set being moved, even slightly without being degaussed, in which case you can switch it off at the mains (not just to standby) for a few hours, or preferably, overnight to clear it.

2. Something magnetic, usually speakers, being placed near the set, sometimes only for a short time. An overnight switch off should fix this as well. Remember that even speakers the other side of the wall (next door) can have an effect.

3. A faulty tube. Unlikely unless it has taken a knock.


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Thanks for the information GaryB.

The set's been like it for a long time and it degausses almost evertime it's turned on.

Remember that even speakers the other side of the wall (next door) can have an effect.
This one dawned on me only the other day in fact. I'd have to move the telly to find out obviously.

At least I can rule out the vcr, if the magnetism is negligable. It's only a small discrepency so it could be just how the tube was set up at the factory.

Thanks again.


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