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Vcr ---> Hdtv


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I did post a thread a couple of days ago but it's got lost in this fast moving forum.

Could you help a LCD noob :lease:

I have concerns over a HDTVs ability to show VCR pictures. I have been informed, and read on the forum, that feeds from VCRs look bad on a HDTV. How bad is BAD???

Reason is, G/F and I have 400+ videos and do often watch them as well as DVDs. Videos tend to be older recorded shows/programmes as well as bought ones.

I have been informed that passing the feed through my PC using dscaler should improve the image or use a specific hardware device to do same job. Slight quandry over fact the g/f doesn't want PC in lounge (too noisy) and budget constraints on other option.

Final Q is, am I just stuffed on video front?????:suicide:

Many thanks in advance :thumbsup:



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I recently bought a 26" Samsung, primarily for use with my PC, but did connect my old JVC SVHS machine via RGB SCART just to see what VHS would look like and if it was as bad as has been made out. Personally I think the images were more than acceptable. Admittedly I was playing back excellent recordings and pre-recorded tapes but I thought that quality was no worse than on a conventional CRT TV. Even 2.35:1 ratio tapes scaled correctly didn't look too bad. My feeling is that the image presented by an LCD is different to what you may be used to, and I think this is interpreted by many as a bad thing. Of course there are certain flaws (blacks for instance) but there are many advantages also, including progressive images, so flicker free and no scan lines (an advantage with VHS I would say), giving a much more film-like presentation. I work with broadcast monitors every day and going home and watching something on the LCD is a refreshing experience. Only one man's opinion but I hope this helps.


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My husbands has lots of stuff on VHS too, old films that you can't get on DVD etc. They don't match the quality of DVD, but then they never did. We find the quality watchable - we have a 40" JVC. :thumbsup:


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Thanks to you both for replying.:thumbsup:

I feel happier about getting an HD LCD now. Was just concerned that the image was almost unwatchable and then the bank manager (girlfriend) would've pulled the plug on getting a new TV. :D

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