VCR\DVD Combo and Sky Digital



Here is the problem that i would really appreciate some advice from you experts.

Just bought a Toshiba DVD\VCR Combo, i have it wired as follows:-

Aerial into Digibox, linked to DVD\Video linked to TV. Scart out of Digibox into TV, Scart from DVD\Video into Digibox. This is how it is shown in the instructions and everything works fine except that i cannot watch a DVD while Sky box is on as it overides the DVD output and all i can see is Sky. Therefore i cannot record anything on Sky whilst watching a DVD or noone else in the house can watch sky on another chanel.

I have a TV with two Scart connections however when i split them the Sky picture goes yellowy and the DVD quality is lost.

Anyone any ideas

Many Thanks


I assume you are trying to use your single RGB-capable SCART socket on your TV to share between SKY RGB and DVD RGB signals ?

I'm not sure if the VIDEO SCART on the SKY box will support an incoming RGB signal; it is only designed for a VCR after all.

If you are happy you have a fully wired SCART cable, and that your VCR playback overrides SKY without the need to switch off, try outputting a PAL signal from DVD to see if that behaves better. If this works, and you definately want RGB from SKY and DVD (and I don't blame you), you may find the best solution is to:

(a) connect DVD SCART to TV direct
(b) connect Video RCA in/out to the SKY box via a suitable cable (SCART one end, 6 x RCA the other)
(c) share your RGB-capable SCART socket between DVD and SKY using a suitable 2xRGB capable switch box. A dumb socket doubler is no use, since they just stick the two signals in together, so you need one with intelligence; usually you pressing a selector switch...! (The only remote controlled one I've seen only has 1 x RGB, which makes it next to useless)

For both the cable and the switchbox, look to somewhere like or similar. Not cheap, but usually a wide choice.

Uncle James

This is all a bit late I know, but I've recently bought a Tosh DVD/VCR combi, and was pondering over the best set-up. Unusually I looked at the manual, and also at the Sky Digibox (Pace) manual which said the same thing - route the Scart from the DVD/VCR through the Digibox, and from the Digibox to the TV.
I have just done this, and it wll worked fine - RGB output from DVD, and...well.. whatever from the VCR (hey! it's only used to watch the Tweenies after all!), and RGB from the digibox to the TV.
Maybe I should read the manual more often!:smashin:

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