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Can you help ?
I am trying to create vcd`s but not having much success.
I d`ont want to do anything fancy, just cut out the rubbish bit`s & may be change clip orders (which i can do). The problem is when i try to create a vcd. The program does it, but when i try to play it on my dvd player it is really pixilated
& unwatchable.
I have a JVC GR-DVL157 Camcorder,Pyro basics DV fire wire card, ULEAD Video studio 4.0 SE basic, 1.9GiG P4 computer , VCDEASY software to burn the vcd & Samsung SV-DVD3EDVD player. Can any one help please.

Russell B


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I had the same problem and was advised here to use TMPGEnc to do the MPEG encoding. This helped to a certain extent but movies are still not great. I assumed my limitations were related to the poor software I use.


I am trying to convert Home Video recordings to VCD. The recoding were made using a JVC Digital Video Camera. I can capture the video/audio fine but when I try and burn a VCD the quality is very poor. I am usin Ulead Video Studio 5 to capture from the camera and then Nero to burn out a VCD.

Does anyone know how to improve the quality?

Is it possible to grap DVD quality video and burn this as a VCD?

I will try using the TMPGEnc to do the encoding. The capture software allows a capture of 720x540 pixels. What kind of quality should I be seeing from this?


lso Easy cd must be version 4 DELUXE or 5 PLATINUM, the std versions do not burn vcd/svcd.

DVDs are indeed Mpeg2 but to play on a set top you need to author it using Software such as MyDVD, DVdit, Ulead Etc: you can download Uleads package on a trial.
You can export this to CD but will only get a Maximum 18 minutes of quality Mpeg2.
If you intend to reuse this footage you'll need software that accepts Mpeg2 on the timeline of your editing package and if you edit & re-encode expect a loss of quality.
The files created by all DVD authoring software creates 2 Files, Audio.ts and Video.ts, drag these into your CD burning package & away you go.
Most if not all DVD packages can take your AVI files & convert them to Mpeg2 but for real blow your head off quality download TMPGenc and experiment.
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