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Mar 17, 2002
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Rather a basic, low-end activity, I realise, but one that I'd appreciate a spot of help with:

I've been trying to create a VCD containing a number of moderately short .avi files: average length of each is 3 - 5 Kb. I'm using Nero Express, a Benq CD writer and a P4 PC.

The problem is that the software freezes during the "processing the files" stage - before the actual burning to disc even begins. I've experimented with different files (and different numbers of files) always within the limits of the discs, of course, and the freeze occurs at different places - once, at 99% which was somewhat frustrating.

My only success came when I tried to burn just two .avi files with a combined running time of just over two minutes.

The drive/software cominbation works perfectly well for data and audio - it's just the video files which seem to be a problem. Any thoughts as to what might be going wrong will be gratefully received.

Best advice I can give is DON'T use Nero's own MPEG1 encoder for VCDs. It takes forever and produces poor quality (unless they've improved it recently).

Download the freeware TMPGenc and use that to crunch your AVIs into MPEG1 in VCD compliant format. Then create your VCD from those.


I've been playing around with TMPGenc. I'm probably looking straight through it, but I can't find a way of selecting more than one file at a time; using the Wizard, each .avi file has to be added individually to a list (which takes nine mouse clicks and a bit of browsing) and while not using the Wizard does enable you to mark a load of files in the source directory, I get an error message ("illegal stream") when I try to move on to the conversion stage.

I don't mind adding files one-by-one but if there is a less laborious way I'd be grateful to know about it. Thanks.

I don't think there is, which I agree is a pain.

Something else you need to do is set the "Motion search precision" to "High quality (slow)" for each file individually. You can do this when you add each file using the wizard.

Glad to hear it.

Incidentally, when you are at the "select source file" stage in TMPGenc, you can drag and drop an AVI onto the TMPGenc window. Might save you a bit of browsing.
I use Gordian Knot available from in the downloads section. All in one free software that allows you to create an Avi from dvd's. Excellent for backing up.

There are some useful progs there TMPGenc being a good example.

Thanks for that, but creating avi files from DVDs is not what I'm trying to do.


I have run into one snag (with both TMPGenc and Nero): a few of my .avi files bring up the message "cannot open or unsupported", even though the same files play perfectly in Windows Media Player.

Is there anything I can do to get round this?

Assuming these are MPEG4 .AVI (Xvid or DivX), the "unsupported" error can be corrected sometimes using DivFix from

Main Concept MPEG Encoder also handles AVI files very well, and is faster than TMPGenc

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