VC Games not working! (on 480p via component)


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I've got a weired problem with the original NES mario.
Whe nI try to load it, the screen goes green and doesnt do anything.
If I press the home button, then i can go back to the wii main menu, in the background you can see the Starting screen where you can choose 1 player or 2 player but cant play it

I have downloaded all the updates and it didnt make a difference and also I have tried re-downloading it and that didnt work either. Anyone got any ideas?



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Got a wii yesterday and today I downloaded 5 SNES games off the VC. Two of them work fine (Probotector and Mario World) but the rest (Street Fighter 2, Castlevania and Donky Kong) dont! The sceen seems to go black and sometimes a picture comes up but it flickers and goes way, I can hear the sound but its just the picture. Anyone any ideas?!

Update: I chaged the connection from component to the scart that came with the Wii and they now work. But the screen judders a bit every second about half an inch which is annoying. Any tips on how to solve it?

Update2: Problem solved!

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I really should write an faq for this.

Firstly, the problem is with your LCD and VC games and not the Wii. Its a problem which occurs over component connection in relation to 50/60hz issues. Seems to be an issue with certain SNES and MD games.

Solution: Some games have been updated to resolve the issue but most havent. You either need to use a different LCD or simply change over to the standard composite cable. Not a great solution but the only one available at the moment sadly.
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Solution:simply change over to the standard composite cable. Not a great solution but the only one available at the moment sadly.
Too right i shudder to think what a blurry mess these classics will look like through standard composite.

This is a problem that nintendo really should sort out and all games should be updated, either that or the games should carry a warning that they may not work on some lcd's through component before we download them.

Seems like another reason for people to disappear down the emu/rom route if they don't.


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I have just had this too. I had a wii at launch and sold it pretty quickly, but I am sure I had super mario world and super mario bros and they played fine over component - have re-downloaded them and lo and behold they won't play - it's very odd as the TV is exactly the same plasma. Has nintendo done something different or updated something to make this happen?

I know there was a brief warning before downloading but I assumed that my tv would play it fine over component as it never mentioned the component problem, only the i/p output it would use.

Not very good and there's no way of getting my money back on these.


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I had the same problem with my Wii, component cable and Sony Bravia LCD, but got round it thanks to the following advice from Gaffer:

Gaffer said:
I think what you do is this:

Fix for problems with various Virtual Console games being played over component cable on HDTVs.
You need to switch into a special "Component cable interlace mode" on the Wii. The mode can be enabled by accessing the operations guide of the game, and (with the Nunchuk attached) pressing the buttons Z + A + 2 simultaneously. A sound is played if the mode is enabled correctly.
Now the VC game will play normally.

Several older games also have updates available to enable the feature, such as Super Castlevania IV. The mode can be disabled by using the same method, but with the button combination Z + A + 1 instead

It's worked for me with every game I've tried it on so far so hopefully it'll work for you guys too. :thumbsup:

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There is actually a solution to this (getting games to run on component @ 480p) as I remember replying to the same issue some time ago :confused:.

....hang on a sec.....let me hunt the post down (I could be wrong of course)......

(to be continued :D....)

EDIT: (...cont) Thanx Shed for finding that.......I couldn't remember where it was :D.


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I have tried the 3 button thing, not sure why it;s not working but now sonic megadrive isn't playing properly and i was actually playing it earlier! Very odd -any help anyone - not happy with nintendo about this - may ring them tomorrow as paid out for these game and they worked with my first wii but not this one.

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I think "Z+A+2" enables the 'exploit' and "Z+A+1" reverses it. Try the latter to see if that works.


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Will try the Z A 1 thing - would this only work if TV settings are on HD on the wii?

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Yes, it's designed to allow VC games to work via the component input if the console has been set on 480p (I think it switches the signal into interlaced for that VC game).


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Hey I tried the button thing and it worked, but another thing to look out for - if you are using an amp to put the signal through - as I was, check that it is not trying to output the signal via a hdmi as that will confuse the signal and it won't work - had to recheck all my wires to be sure the other night and that was part of the problem - just wanted to give people another thing to check before they start moving wires around.


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Cant get this 2 work i get to the operations menu, It change the display to 576I and i hear the sound..I take it i press the home button again? I can see mario and that in background but i do that and it goes back to a blue scree.

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