vc 1 codec problem


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I have a problem playing back bluerays that use vc1.
I have a gigabyte mobo with the ati hd3200 graphics and a amd4850e processor, the lg blueray/hddvd drive 2 gig ram etc.
All my other blueray discs play fine either from disc or from iso on harddrive using anydvd etc.
I have just bought a couple of new bluerays that show they are playing vc1 and they are all green and blocky, on my plasma or on a pc monitor. my processor is only using max 30%
I purchased the latest version of powerdvd and also windvd9 and tryed all the differnet drivers for the hd3200, but i cant get these bluerays to play satisfactory, all others are fine.
Any Ideas?


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What movies mate?


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dark knight and the begining of ironman, not the actual film though


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just tried fred clause and that is the same and it is also vc1


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tried all that, but sorted it out last night by accident.
See here

dark knight green pixelation - Page 3 - SlySoft Forum

ITS WORKING!!!!!!!!!

well i dont know how i did it but someone may know.
I had everything with the latest updates/drivers etc.bios graphics software.everything. But still no joy.
Well i got another graphics card to try and i put it in and tyrned the onboard graphics off in the bios. Well when i turned the computer on i had a screen error beep and no display. So i did a cmos reset to get the onboard display back on to install the new one.
When the pc loaded i thought i would try the vc1 bluerays again and they worked!!!!!!!!!

-------------------------------- i was putting in the graphics card i turened off the on board graphics card before installing the new one and had no display at i had to reset the cmos via the onboard jumper and i tried it again and it worked, so it must of been a setting changed in the bios that caused the problem!!!!!!!!

I now understand what the problem is and i can repeat the problem. I can not find the actual site, but it was a htpc site and it recommended uping the clock speed in the bios from 500 to 950 and this had no detrimental effect on the pc would improve video playback!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have not had a problem with this until the vc1 codec films were being used.
So when the clock speed was left at 500 they play fine, but when changed to 950 (as recomended to improve playback!!!!!!!) the vc1 films wont play but other "codec" films do!!

I will try and find a link to the site that recomends this change!

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