Vaseline! Is this a silly idea?


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I know a little about the reasons for OFC cables and have seen the adverts for sealed airtight connections and this has got me thinking would it be a silly idea to smear stripped cables with Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly for the US readers).;)

I am not suggesting you smear it all over the back of your Hi-Fi :( but when using screw type banana plugs or similar cable terminations surely this would prevent air from getting to the cable and as far as I am aware would not impair the electrical signal in any way.

So am I Raving?:rotfl:


but also it would stop the amount of direct connection all be it by a small amount.


and you want a tight connection, (i was told vaseline makes things less tight):D :D :D


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Thats 'KY'

I was actually expecting this.

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