Varifocal glasses.


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I have two pairs of glasses. One for reading and one for distance. I use my reading glasses a lot but hardly wear my 'everyday' distance ones.
I've had readers for the past four years, though I didn't use them a lot to start off with.
I've needed distance ones for two years but because of having to wear face masks it was pointless as they steamed up. I don't drive, though can still read car number plates no problem. The distance is just a bit blurred round the edges.
My partner wears varifocals and it took him a few months to get used to them so it put me off.
For now I'm happy with two pairs, though I'm sure when my distance sight gets worse and I need to wear glasses full time I'll reconsider.


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My right eye prescription is very strong, so having a large lens isn't possible as it would be like a jam jar bottom. I have rimless lenses and they work very well.

Mine are perfect for screen distance, and driving. I may sometimes move my head up or down slightly to get the sharpest image, but I don't find it a problem.
I'm long sighted which I've inherited from my mum, and my left is pretty weak as I'm right dominant. At one point I required a prism in the lens and I ended up having to go with the max amount of thinning. The assistant actually said that even with minimal thinning she'd only notice it because it was her job, but no one else would. I only went with the max thinning out of vanity, and it didn't add that much to the end total. It might be worth seeing if there's anything they can do.


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Varifocals were perfect for me at the start but my eyes have changed so much since then it’s now difficult. I need glasses for distance. I need a different prescription in order to see things such as the speedo in my car. I don’t need any help to read so it’s easier to take off my specs to do that rather than trying to read with the varifocals.


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Been using varifocals for a number of years and they do take some getting used to. That first walk downstairs was a challenge for sure.

For my second pair, I bought a pair which the prescription parts of the lenses wider so I could move my eyes further left and right more whilst reading.

I am thinking of having lens replacement surgery in my eyes but not totally sure.

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