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Just received a Vandamme RCA-RCA component cable to run from my DVD to HS20 projector.

I must say I'm dissapointed.

After testing last night I and others actually preferred the picture from the S-Video connection (Chord) I was using previously (we did quite a few comparisons using various movies). That's not right!

The component seemed to introduce noise and grain with little or no increase in detail.

I'm now a little confused.

Admittedly I am using a 'very' budget player at the moment (Tosh SD330) until I find/demo a better one.

However, when I used some short 1m 'cable-talk' (which I already had) with this player I found an increase in detail and sharpness compared to the s-video.

I expected at least the same increase with the Vandamme.

Is it the length of the cable - 10m (the minimum I can have)?

Can anyone suggest/recommend a cable that will give me what I would expect from a change from S-video to component and have witnessed with the 'cable-talk'.

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I went from a 10m s-vid to a 10m vandamme component cable set and did notice the difference - perhaps there is a build quality issue with the cable.

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It could simply be that the driver circuits in your player are not up to driving 10m of cable - no matter how decent a cable you use.

DVD players are in the main designed to drive about 1m of cable and though many folk get away with driving longer lengths of cable its not always the case.

There's a whole industry out there that supplies signal amplifiers for just such instances - in your case I'd say save the cash for a better player rather than spending £200+ on a signal amp; though you should try your next DVD player with long and short cable runs.

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I get a first class pq with Van Damme cables 10m component interlaced was better than a 10m s-video
using Denon 2800

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