Valve say Apple is the future


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Apple are already half way there, the Minimac is priced nearly at console prices and to most consumers is like a fancy Wii.

Of course it is simply a mini ITX PC with Mac OS on it.

I kind of hope Apple do not "revolutionise" home gaming, I have never been a big Apple fan and find that they are too claustrophobic as a company. They are like the lovable old grandpa down the road who actually turns out to be a raging nazi.

They create the big sense of freedom, creativity and encapsulating young spirit, when they are one of the most locked down, anti-competition companies there are.

I like the quote I read about them the other day. People buy Apple because they buy into the dream of creating the next Spielberg movie, cutting the next big dancefloor track or creating the next cover of vogue, when in fact all they do is sit the machine in the corner and use it for Facebook and watching Netflix.

Masters of marketing and providers of over-priced locked down hardware.


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Great post Sinzer. I think Newell expresses the same concerns you have - the OP title is actually kind of misleading, given the context of his comments. Here's an extract from the original:

Newell expects Apple to disrupt the living room platform with a new product that will challenge consoles, although he doesn't have any particular knowledge of that new product.

"I suspect Apple will launch a living room product that redefines people's expectations really strongly and the notion of a separate console platform will disappear," he said.

Newell reiterated his concerns about a closed model being the "wrong philosophical approach" but one that people will emulate because of the success of Apple and Xbox Live.

"I'm worried that the things that traditionally have been the source of a lot of innovation are going - there's going to be an attempt to close those off so somebody will say 'I'm tired of competing with Google, I'm tired of compeitng with Facebook, I'll apply a console model and exclude the competitors I don't like from my world.'"

Fries asked Newell to clarify whether he sees Apple as being a closed platform.

"I consider Apple to be very closed," Newell said. "Let's say you have a book business and you are charging 5 to 7 percent gross margins. You can't exist in an Apple world because they want 30 percent and they don't care that you only have 7 percent to play with."
Also, holy crap:



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well i hope they do better than apples last games console.

(The Pippin)


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I disagree they're some evil soft fluffy kittens!

What apple have done with iOS simplfy the complicated world of tech for the masses.

My mrs and 8 yr old daughtr both use an iPhone & ipad to browse web, youtube, txt, email etc.

i know for a fact they wouldnt be doing that on a nokia or blackberry

i agree over priced & closed system, but it the closed system that keeps it safe for the none tech savvy masses to use.

They cant even switch the xbox on without over the phone explanation, but daughter can youtube One Directions new song and play it over & over again! :suicide:
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It's all coming
Apple did not update the AppleTV this month to an A5 etc and it already runs iOS5

So I suspect we'll see an A6 equipped ATV at next years WWDC (June) which will have the app store enabled.
That will give devs 5months to get their apps and games running

Perhaps using iPhone's and iPads as controllers

Imagine buying a universal game/app for 69p on your iPad, works on your iPhone on the way home then continue on ATV when you get home

Casual Games market officially pwned
Goodbye Wii and possibly goodbye arcade download games on 360/ps3


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I play a ton of games on my ipad and as a gaming platform I really like it.

Roll on Portal on the iPad.


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I can see apple doing an onlive type service via apple tv, when the bandwidth becomes available I bet that'll really take off


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Agree with the FB and netflix comment. I bought a MB Pro and still feel to this day I might as well have gotten an overpriced but very powerful laptop for the same price.

However, when it comes to their mobile devices. They are something else entirely, thanks to apps anyway.

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