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Forget eBay as a barometer of vinyl value. The vast majority of listings on there are totally divorced from reality as regards prices. For example there's a first pressing of 'Dark Side of the Moon' currently listed on eBay at over £1,800. :rotfl: :D:rotfl::D More like £80. here in the real world.
Yup. Sadly though, daft prices have become the norm even over at the likes of Discogs for certain titles. Ebay is never a barometer for anything, and its a trap for the unwary. You can search for an item, get a whole list up, and the prices will go from its true value, say, £20, up to £60-70 at the end of the search. Surely these people must know anyone with a brain cell can use a search function by now? Or do they?! As for the Floyd, depends which pressing it is. If it's the solid prism version I've seen them sell for around £1,500 in the past. Anything else though, as you say, that's just silly money. ;)

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