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Question Value of old original big box PC games?

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
This sales thread here:
For Sale - Huge collection of old Skool big box PC games.

I'm amazed at the prices being asked here. Are these old games really worth the money being asked?

I've got a huge amount of these taking up space at home, most in top condition. If they get the sort of money that is being asked on that classifieds thread, I'll put them all up for sale!


Distinguished Member
There are collectors of stuff out there, and since PC game boxes are a rare thing nowadays i'd expect there is a good market for them. However, a lot of those are not very rare, which limits their value somewhat.

There is always some mug willing to buy stuff off the internet tho ;)

Nivek TT

Distinguished Member
Cardboard... how quaint :D

Could you even install these games on modern machines?

I'm digital for all my media now and so much happier for it.

Theydon Bois

Distinguished Member
Collectors? I liked the old Big Boxes - I have Dungeon Master for the ST somewhere that I bought a few years ago, just for the memories.

Oh tiny Tiggy, the Japanese Warrior (Iaido), the lady with the black hair (Wu Tse) and the fuzzy wookie (Daroou) one, you where my go to guys....

Edit: Dungeon Master Champions | Dungeon Master Encyclopaedia


Distinguished Member
A mate of mine has the id Anthology full complete boxed was just showing me last night, T shirt not even been unfolded, Think it might be worth a few quid.
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Distinguished Member
I suppose it depends on the game. I might have a few boxes in the loft but probably binned a lot of them as they would just be taking up space for no reason.

Even just some original games in CD jewel cases get priced highly depending on what game it is.

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