Value of a Seleco SVP-310


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I'm either going to sell or store my Seleco SVP-310; either way it's coming off the ceiling.

I would appreciate any suggestions on a realistic value for it. It has 1453 hours on the tubes and is in perfect condition. If it's worth the trouble I'll sell it otherwise it goes back in its box and I keep it until I think of something useful to do with it.


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I know it's not what you want to hear but I'd say between 200 and 300 quid. I got a very good 350+ on ebay for £216 a month ago.


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Thanks Trevor. It is about what I expected. I've had a couple of people interested in it and I wanted to be sure I was asking a fair price. The thought of saying to a grandchild in 20 years or so, "look what I found in the attic today", might be worth more than £300 I think.
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