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Hey guys, I am planning on upgrading my current gaming rig as I am finding it a little sluggish in games such as Shogun 2 Total War. To fund this, I would like to sell my current rig, which is by no means a slow machine but I would call it a mid-range gaming rig at present.

Current Rig:

- Antec 900 case
- i5 750 processor
- HD 4870 GPU 1GB
- 500gb 7200rpm HDD
- Module 750watt PSU
- MSI P55 Mobo

I will be keeping my monitor etc although I may sell my Dell U2311h if I get a good price, to replace it with the 24" model.

Note: This is not actually for sale, I am currently in the feasibility stage and will likely not be upgrading until the new generation GPU/CPU come into maturity in a couple of years. The rig may be sold before-hand though to gain funds while it is still worth something, where I will use my laptop in its place.

Cheers guys!


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This my personal opinion but I think:
Intel i5 750 ~ £80
Antec 900 ~ £45
HD 4870 1GB (Brand, Overclocked, cooler type??) ~ £40
500 GB HDD (SATA II/SATA III, Cache, Brand??) ~ £35
750W PSU (80Plus, Brand??) ~ £35
4GB RAM (speeds, timings, brand??) ~ £15
MSI P55 Mobo (form factor, type GD 85, CD 53, etc??) ~ £60


Need to be more specific with your component parts but I think my estimate is reasonable.

Edit: If the motherboard is for example a GD 80 or something and the PSU 80 PLUS gold you could add more to the valuation like say another £50 maybe.


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Cheers, I will check on that. £350 or so is fine, I must have only spent £800 so effectively building the original system for £450 doesn't sound bad at all!


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What about selling the items as a bundle? I've sold my i5 750 bundle (CPU/RAM/Mobo) on these forums for ~£220 I think it was. If you can still get around that price for the bundle, chuck your GFX card in for ~£40 or so, you can get an i5 2500k bundle for maybe about £100 more, and a new GFX card for about another £150. All in all, you'll only be spending around another £250. Might be a better option unless you plan to spend another £800 or so on a brand spanking new machine :)


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Interesting point there eNxy. Problem is I've decided I'd like to wait for Ivy Bridge to upgrade (not to mention getting some money in) and I'm also starting to side towards the idea of waiting a bit longer for SSD to drop down to consumer levels, at least for an OS drive.

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