Valentines day.


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OK then so what have you done or what are your plans for your other half on this Valentines day?
Who are the big romantics amongst you?
Note I tried to be as politically correct as possible so that all genders are included not forgetting those that have not got a clue.


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MrsD always tells everyone I never get her a Valentines card. She's right again! :rotfl:
She knows I love her to bits or the Moon and back.......etc.,


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The perks of being single on valentine's day...



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My wife and I exchanged Valentines day whatsapp messages, that's about it for us


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Nearly 15 years ago, my then girlfriend and I had been together less than a month when she told me we weren't going to do Valentine's cards or gifts. I took at her word. It proved to be a test. One I failed, as it turned out.

I must have done something right as we've exchanged cards and token gifts (chocolates/flowers for her, beer for me, generally) ever since and are now married.

Imagine our amusement this morning upon opening cards to find we'd bought exactly the same one. Now, I'm no romantic, but that seemed rather nice.

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Flowers and a card for her, bottle of Smirnoff and a card in return. Cooking her favourite meal, carbonara for her.
Going out Friday night for food too.


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We are both ill with that chesty cough / virus thing doing the rounds at the moment.

I bought The Complete Sartana BD set the other week which she saw and said "That is your Valentine's Day present" :)

I got her a book, some earrings, a jigsaw puzzle and some chocolates.

We'll go out at some point when we aren't ill.


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Cards and prezzies swapped this morning (we both bought each other tops/t-shirts) and we have the M & S £20 Valentines meal deal for later. Think its breaded Camembert/steaks in peppercorn sauce/toffee tarts to finish :thumbsup:.

Would've been nice to go out but we're out tomorrow with friends so that's the babysitter used up. Still, it's nice to make a little effort after 20 years together as life can get in the way sometimes - little things in a relationship can add up to make a big difference :love:

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Met her at the office door after work and took her for a glass of wine, then home to find a dozen white roses waiting on the table, table already arranged nicely for the evening with a nice bottle of Malbec and a huge white chocolate Easter egg taking centre stage.

Valentine's meal is pan fried venison with the usual trimmings, followed up with homemade cherry pie and posh custard.

All finished off with 2g of blue cheese and two episodes of hell's kitchen.

I'm quite good at this. :)

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