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Vaio XL302 (and XL100) graphics problem

Legal Eagle

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I have a problem and I wonder if anyone here can help me.

I have both an XL100 and an XL302 Sony Vaio Media Centre. The same occurs on both machines. When connected to my Toshiba LCD TV using the HDMI connector, everything works fine until the TV is switched to standy for a few hours. When the TV is switched on again the picture from the Media Centre has vanished, and can only be restored by rebooting. I have updated the graphics card drivers (and also restored to original settings). I have also set the advanced power options for the machines so that they will not go into sleep mode (or shut down the monitor, or shut the hard drives etc).

I suspect it may be the TV - but it works fine with Sky HD on the other HDMI input. Can anyone tell me what might be causing this and if there is any fix? I may try connecting with component leads, but this is not ideal for obvious reasons.


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Legal Eagle

This is a big problem and has been since the release on some TV - it's a xl302 issue. it doesn't send a edid signal when there is no where for it go, so when the TV is turned on again nothing happens....restart etc...

workarounds (I've tried them all in the last 3-4 years) include EDID repeaters, software snippets (screen savers, energy settings) but nothing has worked....

Itunes left running with the itunes screensaver keeps the system alive so you can go back and forth, also try coding you keyboard wirth commands that allow you to restart the system correctly - restarting by keeping the on/off button pressed does cause the system to start in recovery mode...

Sorry, but it is a pain...I have restart and shutdown codes if you require them, and you should find them on the web.


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