Vaio to Samsung with NTL and MCE

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by mathusulah, Jan 3, 2007.

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    Hi All

    I have read through loads of really useful posts, but thought the best way to actually get a solution to my problmes would be to ask a direct questionQ

    I have a Sony Viao XL201 hooked up to NTL using scart from the NTL box to component in on the PC. I am using HDMI from PC to the Samsung 32" LCD.

    After many trials I have managed to get everything working, but could somone tell me what the optimum setting is? I read a post that stated VGA was best for the Samsung.

    I have had various problems with resolution, and at the moment I am having to use the zoom control to get the picture to fill the screen, and then it being cropped all round.

    I was shown in the Sony shop the effect of 'upscaling' but I cant seem to find anything that does this.

    Sound - There are various speaker connections - do I need an external amp? I have a super desktop that runs XP prof. and I get 7.1 from it without an external amp.

    At the moment its a pretty expensive video recorder, I would really like to get the best out of it - any advice gratefully received.


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