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I'm looking for a good vacuum cleaner to replace our old (motor bearings shot) Samsung machine.

After much research on new machines have my eyes on a Miele S2111 cylinder (bagged) machine.

Have looked at new Hoover, Electrolux, VAX, Samsung, Dyson, Henry and a load of others, but modern vacuum cleaners seem to suffer from cheap plastic components which break after a bit of use or require continual cleaning of filters or clogged up pipes.

Our house is mainly carpets which also seems to be a problem with some machines - love solid floors but hopeless on carpets! Henry is a good example of this from what I've read.

Vacuum cleaners should be a straight forward purchase - go out and buy one. But that doesn't appear to be the case these days.

Any thoughts and/or recommendations will be gratefully received!

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If you have carpets throughout the house then I would recommend an upright over a cylinder, you will find it easier and quicker!


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Thanks for that guys.

What I didn't mention in my first post is that our house is a new 3-storey town house - lots of stairs! An upright would be difficult to use on stairs?

Never had an upright, always used lightweight (about 5-6KG) cylinder type vacuum cleaners.


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Miele do a range of different brush-head attachments (sometimes included with some machines) to suit different floorings and uses. Other extras like extension hoses may make stairs easier. We chose Miele because of the (lack of) noise - the air suction was noisier than the motor when we auditioned it!! We got the cat & dog which came with a turbo (vacuum airflow operated) brush head as well as the standard you get with thw 2111.

Using a cylinder plus, say, a turbo brush-head on carpet will be harder work than an upright... but it will keep you a bit fitter, too ;)

Miele also do uprights now, but I've no experience of them.


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I've continued looking but the one that stands out is the Miele S2111 Red. John Lewis are selling them for £129.

What I like is the weight 6KG, large capacity 4.5L and no reviewers moaning about clogged filters and breaking parts. The down side is the mains lead length is only 5.5M and the Miele bags appear to be quite expensive.

So, it looks like the Miele S2111 is the one I'll buy.

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