V6as on .. Off .. ON :)

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by pragmatic, Feb 23, 2005.

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    I got V6as yesterday which i believe is the same as th m5as (the V6as is not on the mission site :confused: ). Anyway I was playing with it and I wasn't happy with the bass, and that was because nothing was coming out. I ran the test tone and the sub worked ok, tried some music and film scenes and it still wasn't doing anything.

    I had it pluged into the second socket of two, one has all my other av gear in including 2 amps and a tv as well as video dvd ect.. I then pluged the sub into another seperate socket across the room and hey presto the sub worked and kicked out quite a thump, it is now working fine. It seems that the socket although could generate a test tone couldn't provide enough power when my system was playing music ect...
    I think i'm gonna seperate my equipment (although means buyng more surge protectors :( ) to different sockets. A socket each fo the amps, as well as one for the sub and then everything else plugged into one with a belkin av surge protector.

    So the moral ( :confused: ) of the story is if your subs (or any other equipment possibly) not working, or not delivering enough performance the power from your socket might be the cause.

    Otherwise my house might just have really crapy electrics.

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