V600 OR Nokia 6230??


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I want a neat and smallish phone with:

3)User friendly interface

I initially wanted a Panasonic X70 but could only seem to get this on Orange - I live in an Orange blackspot and so have to discount that - also Vodafone said they would not be selling the X70 as it "failed their trials" - (Vodafone are my preffered airtime supplier)

So that leaves me with the Motorola V600 - hopefully out by now - OR the forthcoming NOKIA 6230.

I love Nokia software - it's easy to use and very intuitive - BUT I dont think they are as well screwed together as they used to be (12 month life expectancy in my view) - and, it's a bit square looking!

The Motorola looks nice - has all the features I want BUT I had a Motorola a couple of years ago and the user interface was APPALING - Question is has it got any better.

Does anyone have any experience of these two phones - and if so what do you think:

Nokia or Motorola? ...and Motorola V600 interface ....perfect or Pants?



My opinion -Nokia 6230- I prefer Nokia's menu's to Motorola's, Nokia 6230 should be a gr8 fone.


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all i know is, i'm replacing my 8910i with a 6230 the first day i can get my hands on one! Excellent features, and I quite like the way it looks.. must say i haven't had any trouble with my Nokia's lasting the distance.

And no, personally i still wouldn't touch the Motorola interface with a bargepole.

Obviously its only my opinion though, and i haven't actually seen either of the phones in question yet.


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I've been a nokia man for tears, except 1 blip with a sony j70.

Had a go with the new moto's, very nice phones. The user interface is much better now, so much so that I've got my v600 on order. Don't dismiss it, get a demo and judge for yourself.

I did and it was worth it.

richard plumb

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6230 also has fm radio and mp3 player, if thats of any worth to you. Thats the one I'd go for, but then I can't hack motorola UIs (although it sounds like they've improved)

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