V+ Upscale or Not?????


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Hi there having read a few posts about this i ordered a V+ to go with my 46 sony W because i felt that the picture with the standard RGB box was shocking,i spoke to Virgin and they hadn't a clue what i was on about and i spoke to a Virgin service engineer today and he knew nothing about this,please can someone shed some light before i get the box installed.
Thanks In Advance.


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I certainly find the 1080i HDMI out much better than RGB Scart, and also much better than my screen's built in Freeview. The overall quality is however still dependant on the source. Good material will look great, poor material will still look poor.




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It does upscale. Check out Channel 5 on freeview compared to Channel 5 via the V+ Box. The difference in quality is quite remarkable....


Yeah it definatley does - when our hdmi port broke we had to use scart and the pic was quite shocking even on my 32" Lcd


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My panny states '720p input', so it certainly does upscale !

However, that doesn't necessarily mean a better picture in every instance. In the minority of cases it can make a poor picture look worse. Most stuff made in the last few years looks pretty good in my opinion.

Strangely, (the late) Top of The Pops always looked really bad and that was the first show on when i hooked up my screen.


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Thanks for that,you would think Virgin would be singing the praises of this feature instead of saying "You will only get the BBC and that's it" "upscale?what's that?" Knowledge is everything as they say.

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