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I posted a while back regarding my V+ box. Up until a few months ago, the picture would occasionally go dodgy - not unwatchable by any means - the way I described it was as if the box had stopped upscaling. The Hi Def still looks great. It would always suddenly switch back to the great picture (even on SD), so I never did anything about it. But for the last seven weeks the picture has been poor. Particularly on Paramount, E4 and More 4, which I remember having the blockiest picture when I had the old cable box. As I say, it's watchable, but really not what I pay money for. I spoke to Customer Service and they were at a loss, but sent me a new HDMI cable, which made no difference. I'm wary about calling someone round, as

a) the picture is watchable
b) if the engineer believes it is a problem with something other than Virgin, I will be charged.

Now, my TV still works absolutely great with everything else, and I have tried the V+ in both HDMI sockets, so I know it's not that. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?
I live in a second floor flat, and when the engineer first came round, his initial reaction was that he wouldn't be able to install. He ended up tying a cable round his waist and to the radiator, lowering himself out of the window and throwing the cable all the way over the roof of the building to the front. Ie, it's a pretty dodgy install. But surely, by it's very definition, this should not affect cable in any way?
Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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